How to add YouTube on WordPress blog


In WordPress blogging, there are the most important factors which include how to add YouTube on WordPress and many others. In today’s blogging situation, every blogger wants to add videos to their website or blog.

And that reason he or she wants to create a YouTube channel for it and when they create the YouTube channel, they have to work in a YouTube studio.

Which is the most important factor in making a carrier on YouTube. We discuss YouTube Studio in another article. Here we are going to discuss how to add YouTube to a WordPress blog.

Here we give the instructions step by step which helps you to add YouTube to your WordPress blog. So, let’s go.

Method 1

Step 1

Find out the proper article for your blog. i.e., what is your blog actually defining? For example, if your blog is about technology then find the perfect video about technology after that you have to find the proper niche i.e., in which field your niche is addressing then select it and work on it.

If you have already a YouTube channel and you working on a proper niche then select the adequate video and write an article for it. So here we discuss the first step

Open the dashboard and edit the post

First, you have to open the WordPress dashboard and click on the post to which you have to add the YouTube video. Please select the place and click on it.

Step 2

Open the YouTube video

Go for the YouTube video which you have selected for your blog and click the right button on your mouse.

Then you will see many options. You need to select copy embed code and it will copy into your clipboard.

Step 3

Open the WordPress dashboard tab which you have opened. And go for a post where you want to add a YouTube video and move your cursor point on three dots and click on it.

Then select the option HTML tag.

Then move your cursor where you want to add the YouTube video and paste the embedded code you copied from the YouTube video window. (Mentioned in step 2)

Click the save draft tab and save the changes or publish the post.

Second method

Step 1

Open your WordPress dashboard and move your cursor pointer on this tab which has the signed + symbol. Click on it.

Then you have seen a lot of the options in that menu. Scroll down and select the YouTube icon on it. Or search YouTube and select YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon.

Then you have seen the YouTube URL box in your post section menu.

Step 2

Go to the YouTube video tab and select the video and play it. From the bottom side of the YouTube video, you will see the share option. Simply click on it and you will see the link to the video.

Copy that link and close the window.

Step 3

Paste here this link in the YouTube URL box in the YouTube URL section and click on the embedded tab and save the settings by clicking Save a draft or update your WordPress article.

After that, you will see the direct YouTube screen on your blog which can increase the impression of your blog or website. And it will also grow your traffic.


So, hope you will understand the whole process of how to add YouTube on WordPress. If you like this article then share it with your friends on Social Media. Thank you.