4 simple steps how to show your choosable video on WordPress

When you work on YouTube as well as WordPress you need to add your YouTube video to your website. But sometimes you want to add some specific portion of your video but you have no idea how to add it. Then you add all videos but it is not the proper way to express your intention and what you want to say properly.

So here you get that point. How to add the selected portion of YouTube video on your WordPress website. So, let’s start.

Select the proper video

Step 1

Go to google search engine and search for the YouTube video which you want to add. Then select the video which you want to add. Once you select the video you need to copy the link to this video.

Copy the link to right-click on the video. And click copy video URL.

Step 2

Open the tab of your WordPress and click on the posts section from the WordPress dashboard. Then edit the post. And let’s go your cursor on where you want to add this video.

You can add your video on the page also so it’s your choice as to where you want to add your video.

Then paste the link of the video which you have copied. As soon as you paste the link you can see the video on your post.

Step 3

Highlight specific parts of the video

Here you need to add the start time and end time of this YouTube video. So, let’s know how to add it.

How you can add the start time

Step 1

For this let’s go back to the video page and click the share tab which you see below the video. Click on it and you get the option name embed.

Click on it then you can see the embedded code on your computer screen. Then choose the start point where you want to start the video.

Step 2

Select the time slot in which you have going to start your video. Suppose you want to add a start time at 2 min 2 sec just click there.

Add the video at the start time then copy the code and let’s go back to your WordPress website. Edit the post. Make sure you’re on the text tab and paste this code here.

Then publish the post you can see that your video is starting from the point which you have started. Now let’s see how to add an endpoint to your video.

How you can add the end point of your YouTube video

Step 1

To add an end time let’s go for the video which you have selected. Then play the video and choose the place where you want to end the video. Suppose you want to choose a place at 9 min 2 sec, just click there.

Then right-click on the video and select “copy video URL at the current time.” Now open sticky notes and paste the URL which you have copied. Now this will give you the time which you have selected in seconds.

Step 2

Go to the tab of your WordPress dashboard and edit the post. And you can see that we have the start time here now let’s place the cursor there.

And then add for the end time you have to add the semicolon after the start time and paste the time slot which you have copied from sticky notes.

Type after the semicolon “end=” and paste this time slot after the “=” symbol.

And now you have successfully added the start and end times. Then click on update and click on view post.

Now you can see that the video has a start and end time.

The video now starts with the particular time slot which you have selected and it will end with a particular end time.

The video now automatically starts playing at 2 min 2 sec. and when it reaches the end time it will stop playing. So, this is how you can show the choosable video on your WordPress website to the audience.